UPDATE: Insurance Information date/time set

IN the very near future we will have the annual open enrollment for the insurance Havar offers. Please watch for that date.   12/8/2016. Washington Co 10am to Noon and Athens Co 2p-4p. If you are unable to attend you must contact the Business Office or Donna Duskey to meet our obligation to offer this option.

As a reminder of those who are on Havar's insurance; Your policy gives you three under utilized benefits that you may not think of in a time of need. 1. Core Financial Consultation: Which includes counciling on matters of a. debt and budget assistance, tax planning, retirement and college planning. and b. Tax Preparation and Consultation. Members get 30 minutes of telephone counciling per year on each separate issue and may opt to purchase continuing consultation at reduced rates. 2. Core Legal, again with some free and reduced rates counciling on such issues including Civil / Consumer Matters, Personal / Family Legal, Financial, Real Estate, Criminal Matters, IRS Matters, Estate Planning Law and Immigration and Naturalization