Updates goings on.

UPDATE on the goings on:

1.  The survey for the renewal certification for Employment Services under the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities took place on April 21st and 22nd. This is important to Havar as it makes us elegible to serve more consumers who employment needs are funded by various sources. While the surveyors are not officially allowed to confirm or deny the award of continued certification there were certainly strong hints to that effect. We now wait up to 60 days to get the official word. The work is not over. In fact it is far from it. There were several "Recommendations" (things you really should do), and there were several "Consultations" (things you really should consider doing), to follow up on. And then of course, Keep up the Good Work until next time. Tara and Scott and their teams of job coaches are to be congratulated.

2. Quick MAR progress is progress.  Are you ready to move forward to only reporting med admin once?

3. Putt People First Miniature Golf is gearing up for this season's Grand Opening May 22nd. ITS A PARTY. Please plan to join us. PPF offers employment and employment training to several of Havar's consumers each year. And is a great venue for public relations.

4. OA-DSP Summit is April 26th in Columbus. Several coworkers are enjoying a day of celebration and training today in Columbus. Lets hope they bring the rest of us back some good pictures to share on Face Book.

5. BBACW (Building Bridges Adult Center Washington Co) Is moving SOON. Across the bridge (see what we did there?) to Williamstown, WVa. The new program site will be in the fellowship hall of the


An excerpt from the "digitalscribbler.com web blog dated December 15, 2015 titled, "The 5 Levels of Inclusion"

  1. Community – This is social inclusion which can be physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual.
  2. Connection – This is emotional inclusion, which results in meaningful relationships between typical and special needs individuals.
  3. Contribution – This is intellectual inclusion, where the individual with special needs develops a sense of dignity, as they use their ability to make a personal or group contribution to the community.
  4. Contemplation – This is spiritual inclusion where the individual is able to pursue some form of meaning and purpose.
  5. Comprehensive – Comprehensive inclusion occurs when the individual has experienced 1-4, and benefits from the latest scientific and medical research, as they grow into adulthood and an ever improving quality of life.

How far along that spectrum has Havar come? How far along this spectrum have you come. What is our next step?


YOUNG ONE: “Master, does success go to the clever one, or to the lucky one?”

MERLYN: “Success is sometimes discovered by the clever one, and occasionally by the lucky one, but it is most often laid hold of by the determined one.”

YOUNG ONE: “Will you teach me to be determined?”

MERLYN: “Determination is dangerous… relentless… remorseless… and inescapable. It returns to its master with treasure between its teeth.”

YOUNG ONE: “Is Determination a dog? Shall I summon it with a whistle?”

MERLYN: “The whistle is a four-note tune that comes at a high price.”

YOUNG ONE: “Teach me the notes. I will pay.”

MERLYN: “Everyone wants to be a beast, until it’s time to do what real beasts do.”

YOUNG ONE: “Teach me the notes.”

MERLYN: “As you wish.”

This is what the old wizard taught me:

NOTE ONE: Count the cost.

MERLYN: “Consider everything that might go wrong. Is your goal worth enough that you would endure all this discomfort and pain? If the answer is yes, then make peace with those possibilities and you will be bulletproof. No matter what happens, you will not panic. You will have already been there in your mind.”

NOTE TWO: Throw your cap over the wall.

MERLYN: “A group of boys walk a pathway next to a high stone wall that surrounds the estate of a nobleman. The older boys challenge each other to climb the wall, but none of them can do it. The youngest boy then takes off his cap and tosses it over the wall. Confused, the other boys watch as he quickly climbs the wall. Upon his return, he looks at them and says, ‘I was not going home without that cap.'”

NOTE THREE: Employ Exponential Little Bits.

MERLYN: “Ask yourself at every meal, ‘What difference have I made today?’ Do not let your head touch your pillow until you have taken an action that moves you a Little Bit closer to your goal, no matter how tiny that action might be. Exponential Little Bits are relentless activities that compound to make a miracle. When daily progress meets with progress, it doesn't’t add, it multiplies.”

NOTE FOUR: Be an observer, a simple witness to what happens.

MERLYN: “You are responsible for your actions, not for the outcome. To be effective, you must be objective. Become a tool in the hand of the goal itself. Eliminate your ego. Do not seek recognition. It isn’t about you. It’s about the thing you’re doing. Are you willing to pay this price? Can you whistle the notes that summon the dog?”

YOUNG ONE: “You said the dog returns to its master with treasure between its teeth.”

MERLYN: “Yes.”

YOUNG ONE: “I see blood on that treasure.”

MERLYN: “Yes.”

YOUNG ONE: “And the blood is my own.”

MERLYN: “You are ready to whistle the notes.”

Roy H. Williams

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