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enlightened Still the Number #1 most frequent problem in reporting work.  When you log in to report work make sure the date in the "Date Worked" box is the day you want to report work for.

Tips of the Day. Do not wait days or even minutes to call someone for help.

yes Back by popular demand. You can now view consumer documents again (with qualifications). When you are in Report Work click on Consumer Information and then choose Documents. When that page opens you use the drop down arrow to select the consumer. The page will blink and you will see the list of documents available for that person. Click on the arrow at the left to open up Section and Type of documents until you reach Document Name you want to view. Highlight that document by clicking on it ONE time. You will know its highlighted because the row turns a darker blue. Then click the View Document button in the upper right side of the page. At the bottom of the page you will have the choice to Open, Save or Cancel. ALWAYS CHOOSE AND ONLY CHOOSE "OPEN". You can of course choose Cancel if you have changed your mind. Simply be careful NEVER TO SAVE. This would put the document on that device's hard drive and make it subject to a breach of confidentiality and a violation of HIPAA regulations.

As for the "(with qualifications)", mentioned above. The only computers and devices that should be able to view documents are Havar Inc owned. You should NOT be able to view them on any other machine because I have not loaded the Security Certificate that is meant to protect those items. It also protects you and me and the consumer from accidentally allowing someone without permission to see them.

 winkHow do I see progress notes from the shift before me? On the Report Work page click on Consumer Information and choose Consumer Work. In the drop down box Select the consumer and the calendar days you want to view. ( I think it is set for the month by default) Then click Get Work. Also if you see a little blue arrow by a co-worker's name click it to see Task Elements reported for that shift segment.

►! Policies can be found by Clicking the "Documents" Tab at the far right of the navigation bar.  
cheeky How do I put Consumers on My List? Ya know how when you know...its so easy? You click to Report Work and then click Add Work. If the consumer you are reporting work for is not yet on your list you need to Find them. Type their LAST name in the Find box and click the Find button. It will either put their name in the list box or if there are two people with the last name ask you to choose. Once you see their name in the list box click the link just above the list box that says Add consumer to my list. From now on you can select them by just clicking the drop down arrow in the Select box.  To add Admin to your consumer list you can Find by number. Athens Co. is 500 and Washington Co. is 600
mail Messaging definitely a bit more clickier than before.  When you click on the Message link/button, Or hover over it and drop down to click Compose Message, you get that familiar email layout. Here's where you learn something new. To populate the TO field you look all the way over to the right side and see the buttonClick it and you open a Send To panelClick the Find button and open yet another panel and type the last name of the person you are messaging. Click Find and then highlight the name by clicking on it. Then, yep click again... click the Use Selected button and wait for it... CLICK DONE. Now that person's name is in the send to field. We are working to make this easier. And to learn how to add multiple recipients. Look at it this way; in the meanwhile there will be fewer messages to read before you start doing what you came to do in the first place. Right? wink First person to MESSAGE ME the number of clicks this takes wins a prize. Not a big prize, but something for fun. Ready. Set. GO! PS. If you keep clicking Find and Use Selected you can add multiple recipients.
enlightenedOnce you have populated your consumer list you will be able to go to tab "Consumer Information" and drop down to click on "Consumer Work" and select the person whose notes you want to read.
 Thanks again for all your help with this task and thank you for all you do. We are learning together. Can you hear the jingle bells?? ~ David Milliken, IT Support Manager PS this is not the last announcement about this transition so please keep your eyes glued to this section of Team Havar.