Scam Alert

Over the weekend both Havar offices and many co-workers home numbers were robot called purportedly from the Vinton Co bank. The voice informed that your Vinton Co Bank account may have been comprimised and you would be transferred to their "security department". Even some people might think they are doing a good deed by allowing the connection to correct the bank to the fact they have not account with them. Vinton County Bank .com has this message on their homepage;

"Vinton County National Bank will never contact a customer via phone, e-mail, text message or direct mail asking for any of your credentials including usernames, passwords, account numbers, social security numbers, etc."

The bad guys are out there. And you are a taget. No bank or any legitimate business will try to contact you by phone and ask for any of that information. If you receive one of these calls please just HANG UP. If you feel the need you might call the business using a legitimate number from the phone book or official website to let them know their name is being used for such purposes. Otherwise and always JUST HANG UP.


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New date for Debbie's Retirement Reception has been set for February 27th from 2:30-4:30 p.m. . Decorations and clean up volunteers are needed and welcome. Please contact Lisa Simpson or your Program Manager if you can help.