Being told you are ...


Being told you are appreciated is one of the most uplifting things you can hear. And one of the most uplifting thing you can say. Be sure to mention how much you appreciate the consumer you work for today. And the first chance you get to let your co-workers know how important they are too.


If there was one training video story to tell

you could make to help improve a consumer's life what would it be? Is there a consumer service or task element that is so important or unique that verbal and written explanations would be easier to teach or learn if you only had a visual example? Please send me a AccelTrax / Report Work message (David Milliken) or an email to and describe a consumer service or task element that you would like to see a staff training video created to help you and your co-workers improve. Some examples have been - how to use the van lift - demonstrate insulin injections for a specific person - lifting and transferring specific people from wheelchair to bed or toilet - how to use a specific washing machine in a consumer home. I'm guessing the ideas are endless. And some will be easier to plan than others. But lets try a few and see if it helps. Thanks for your help in this. David Milliken