Insurance Opportunity

There will be an opportunity to talk to the AFLAC insurance agent on Thursday June 8th. Times for each Havar County at to be announced and will be open to all eligible employees.. In the meanwhile Carla Perry, PM Athens Co has offered to share her AFLAC experience with anyone who is interested. You can contact her at the Athens office 740-594-3533 or ext. 117. Further information will be sent via Accel Trax (Report Work) message as it becomes available.

A Reminder about Tests.

There will be a couple of new Health and Welfare Alert "test". When you log in you will have a message that takes you to the test. There will be a document (the alert) and you can open it to read the information you will need to answer test questions. This is a part of Havar's IT applications to keep us all up to date on our ODODD Certification requirements. If you are unable to finish the test at that time you can log back in later to finish it as a "test in progress". Please remember this is YOUR certification and YOUR requirement.