LAST DAY TODAY Friday 11/21/2014

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to hand in your insurance form whether you are buying in or opting out. If you have not done so you need to call Jerrad at 740-594-3533 or your immediate supervisor NOW.




imagine – Thankful for Connection November 3, 2014 by imaginervcc Leave a comment I am thankful for: connection. That is what it all comes back to. What makes a good life, no matter who you are or what your abilities or limitations, is connection. What enriches our lives and sustains us through good times and bad is connection. It gives meaning to our life and our work. It feeds the best parts of our souls and helps us rise up and be the person we aspire to be. When I look at my life, my work and the somewhat tumultuous road ahead I know that the best path can be found within connection. I shared what I am thankful for, so now you share yours! This month the imagine Communication Team is focusing on what we are thankful for; in our work, in imagine, in the people we support. Make it short and sweet. A paragraph (3 to 5 sentences). Share what feeds your professional passion by e-mailing: By: Andrea McKay

If there was one training video story to tell

you could make to help improve a consumer's life what would it be? Is there a consumer service or task element that is so important or unique that verbal and written explanations would be easier to teach or learn if you only had a visual example? Please send me a AccelTrax / Report Work message (David Milliken) or an email to and describe a consumer service or task element that you would like to see a staff training video created to help you and your co-workers improve. Some examples have been - how to use the van lift - demonstrate insulin injections for a specific person - lifting and transferring specific people from wheelchair to bed or toilet - how to use a specific washing machine in a consumer home. I'm guessing the ideas are endless. And some will be easier to plan than others. But lets try a few and see if it helps. Thanks for your help in this. David Milliken