Let's define, "Team Havar is down". It will help when trying to solve problems. Team Havar dot com is the portal page or homepage we all bring up on our browser when we want to log into AccelTrax aka Report Work. Or, when managers and SC's need to enter Provide. After you click on Report Work and the page doesn't show up or log in fails then AccelTrax is down. After you click on Provide and log in fails then we have a Provide problem. I know its splitting hairs but its accurate and helpful when trying to solve problems. If either of these things happens you can still go back to and click on the Help Desk button and report your problem logging into AccelTrax aka Report Work, or Provide. If you have opened the browser to get to Team Havar and the portal / homepage does not load then Team Havar is down. Give On Call or the office a call and they will let me know we have a problem that can't be reported to the Help Desk. Thanks, David Milliken, IT Supports Manager