What's your story?

Cheryl Bair, SC Athens County shared this on her Face Book page recently;

After a week's vacation I am back at work and in the swing of things. Yesterday when I was with my 82 yr. old client, there was a lull in the conversation as I collected my thoughts and tried to access what needed to be done for him. All of a sudden he said, "I missed you." It was one of those special moments that let us know we are making a difference in people's lives.

What's your story? Share it with me in an Accel Trax message or email me at davidm@havar.org



We are aware of the problems you've had the last few days logging in to report work and qMAR. The problem has been fixed, at least for now. If you continue to have problems call your local On Call staff and report it immediately. We have extended the reporting window to 72 hours for the next two days. On Friday the 16th the reporting window will be reset to 24 hours.

Many of you remember that on the Desktop of the netbooks before you log onto Havar Cloud there is a qMAR icon. You can report Med Admin by that application even if you are not able to log on Havar Cloud online. It will sync up when the netbook next gets online. If you do not have that shortcut icon on the netbook you use please call On Call and have them report to the IT staff. If there are any other reasons you are not able to log into qMAR record your Med Admin details in the Progress Notes unless otherwise specifically instructed by your Program Manager or SC.

We are also aware that for some of the netbooks the 90 day limit on the password are about to expire. You should see an alert message begin telling you its about to happen within the next 7 days. Call On Call or the Athens Office and report it to the IT Staff.