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and here is a way of looking at the day by one of our co-workers.

Mile of a Smile

(or A Two Hour Shift in the Life of a DSP)

Alarm before the sun,

a pack of attention seeking dogs prevent oversleeping.

A shower followed by coffee and breakfast if there's time,

kisses all around then it's out the door.

Driving to the latest from NPR,

pondering my day,

A quick stop for coffee and a bite to go.

Walking through the door,

sunrise at my back.

A smile greets me.

Make the coffee and grab the cereal,

don't forget the milk,

and a dash of sugar.

Socialize and sip coffee,

Not bad at all.

How are you?

Did you sleep well?

Your cat is outside playing.

Time for changing the bed.

Time for picking clothes.

Time for washing,

don't forget behind the ears.

Lotion on the feet.

Do those nails need a trim?

Time for dressing,

Leave him dapper.

Meds meds meds,

don't forget the water.

Laundry in the washer,

and feed the cat.

Pack a lunch.

Don't forget the mustard.

Don't forget the juice.

Don't forget the apple,

peeled, sliced and cored.

Time for dishes,

scrubbed and racked.

Wipe the table,

the counter.

Does the bathroom need a scrub?

The sun is up,

the kitchen neat,

and socks are on those lotioned feet.

The lunch is packed,

the cat is fed,

fresh linens lie upon the bed.

Two hours already?

Time for me to go,

Hugs Hugs Hugs,

and a smile.

Till next week,

good bye,

take care,

and I'll see you soon.


one more hug,

and with it,

as always,

his genuine smile.

Out the door,

the sun on my face.

In the car,


smiling as I drive,

on to the next place.

Our Thanks to Chris for a wonderful point of view.