You are the smile that starts it all.

Below is the session brief for the keynote speaker for day two at the upcoming Synergy Ohio 2015 Conference.
Be the Voice of Joy! (108)

Joy isn’t a feeling; it’s a movement that can revolutionize your work, your industry and your world. How can one person make a difference? You’re more powerful than you think. A recent study concluded, a single joyful person is influential up to a third degree of separation (Fowler and Christakis, 2008). That means one person’s joyful voice not only lifts up the people with whom he or she comes in direct contact, but also people with whom that person interacts and those with whom that person connects. It’s fair to say a single joyful voice can be amplified in ways that can change the customer experience, a work culture, a community, perhaps even a generation. Joy becomes a grassroots movement starting with an individual commitment to making choices that result in joy. Those choices don’t require being delusional or denying reality because joyful people don’t deny reality; they defy it with a resolve to choose actions such as: expressing gratitude in spite of challenges, laughter in spite of pain, and focusing on a purpose even when hard work goes unnoticed. They choose to engage fully, reject cynicism completely and maintain a default setting of joy no matter what. It takes strength and will and a strategy to make it a reality. The payoff, though, is huge because those who make the critical choices change the culture and the lives of the people around them.
Dave Caperton, Author/Speaker