Your Story

You have a story to tell

As I go forward with the annual one on one meetings with our co-workers and ask the question, "How can you and I help grow Havar?" I get one consistent answer. It is put in many ways but what I hear is, "Get our story out there." We know we will continue to get consumer referrals and grow that way. Even as we work to work our way out of a job by supporting people to become more self reliant. At the same time we will continue to need to grow our capacity to help and that will require support outside our agency. And one important way we get more help from our community is to keep what we do in the public eye. Givers want to know what their giving contributes to and the outcomes their giving makes possible. That's where you can help. You are at the heart of what we do and how our work has changed lives for the better. And how that has made our community and world a better place. A few weeks ago I asked you to send me videos and pictures. And I have received some wonderful images. I need more so please continue to send me pictures of what you and the consumers you work for are doing. While pictures tell a story it would be great if you could share those stories in your own words. As we begin to collect our stories I will start to share them with you here and on Face Book /havarinc and as we rebuild So please find a moment to share your pictures and your stories and send them to me at or in AccelTrax/Report Work messages. I will follow up with the necessary releases and permissions. Thank you for all you do, David Milliken IT Supports Manager HELP? Let's define, "Team Havar is down". It will help when trying to solve problems. Team Havar dot com is the portal page or homepage we all bring up on our browser when we want to log into AccelTrax aka Report Work. Or, when managers and SC's need to enter Provide. After you click on Report Work and the page doesn't show up or log in fails then AccelTrax is down. After you click on Provide and log in fails then we have a Provide problem. I know its splitting hairs but its accurate and helpful when trying to solve problems. If either of these things happens you can still go back to and click on the Help Desk button and report your problem logging into AccelTrax aka Report Work, or Provide. If you have opened the browser to get to Team Havar and the portal / homepage does not load then Team Havar is down. Give On Call or the office a call and they will let me know we have a problem that can't be reported to the Help Desk. Thanks, David Milliken, IT Supports Manager